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'Food form' or 'food state' is another way of saying that a supplement has been sympathetically processed to be as close as possible to the original food ingredients that make it up. This is important because it means that the body may more easily absorb and utilise the nutrients (in direct contrast to synthetic vitamins, which the body struggles to recognise and may therefore eliminate with little or no benefit).

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High-strength acai berry capsules with added antioxidants:   This super-charged acai berry fo..
Combination beetroot and cherry capsules:   A concentrated food supplement (4500mg) containin..
A balanced blend of Omega oils:   This Omega oil supplement provides an all-in-one blend..
Krill oil capsules - 500mg:   These high-strength Antarctic krill oil capsules provide a pure..
Fibresk Complex
A multi-fibres blend in capsules:   Essential dietary fibre (both soluble and insoluble) from..
An organic superfood multi-nutrient blend in easy-to-take capsules: 14 'real food form' superfood..
100% organic superfoods powder blend:   This green powder is packed with an incredible 15 org..
A food state vitamin C supplement:   This gentle, non-acidic vitamin C supplement is derived ..
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