About Us

Innova Nutraceutics Ltd is UK's premier company in the field of innovative nutrition.

Research has proved that nutrition plays a very important role in all the stages of our life be it infancy, youth, adulthood or mid life & later. Innova Nutraceutics endeavour is to provide scientific solutions to correct nutritional deficiencies, promote overall health (physical & mental) in order to make ageing healthy and & create a healthy society.

Simultaneously, Innova Nutraceutics is committed towards addressing the burning issues affecting the world citizens like, malnutrition, health care for the elderly & environmental protection to name a few.

Future Plans :

Innova Nutraceutics has entered the competitive European, US and Canadian market with the aim to work for the cause of creating a healthy society through its innovative product line & utilize a part of company earnings towards addressing the issues arising out of lack of proper nutrition.

We want to contribute towards the society and look forward to creating a healthy society through our products.

Vision :

"To become World's leading provider of scientifically proven innovative nutritional products"

 Mission :

To help overcome health problems faced by the fellow human beings due to the lack of proper nutrition, promote overall health (physical & mental) & create a healthy society"

Our Core Values :



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